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Orphan Black, Season 3

Episode 1

Episode 1 : The Weight of This Combination

Sarah pursues the missing Helena who is held in a faraway compound. Meanwhile, Cosima appears to be rebounding from her illness, while Alison and Donnie face newfound financial woes. But when the menace of Castor rears its head once more, Sarah and her entire family must come together to survive.

Episode 2

Episode 2 : Inside Orphan Black: The Weight of This Combination

Tatiana Maslany and creator Graeme Manson talk about kicking off Season 3 from a different point of view. Warning: contains spoilers.

Episode 3

Episode 3 : Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis

Castor pursues the Leda clones for original tissue samples and Helena is examined by a mysterious new villain. The Castor boys are also out to play, toying with a frightened young woman, which ultimately sets Sarah ? and Art ? hot on the Castor trail.

Episode 4

Episode 4 : Inside Orphan Black: Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis

Tatiana Maslany and Kristian Bruun take a closer look at Alison?s ambitions and how far she?ll go to get what she wants. Warning: contains spoilers.

Episode 5

Episode 5 : Formalized, Complex, and Costly

Leda and Castor are both on the hunt for original clone DNA. On-the-lam, Mark and Gracie pursue new leads to find the samples that might set them free, while Art and Sarah reunite to track them down. Meanwhile, Cosima and Scott try to learn more about Castor?s biology and Alison?s new money-making venture is going gangbusters.

Episode 6

Episode 6 : Inside Orphan Black: Formalized, Complex, and Costly

Tatiana Maslany and her clone double Kathryn Alexandre discuss working together in Season 3 of Orphan Black. Warning: contains spoilers.

Episode 7

Episode 7 : Newer Elements of Our Defense

Mark is taken down in a Prolethean shoot-out and Sarah must step in to help. But as Sarah gathers intel that puts her on the trail of the original Castor DNA, a familiar foe is not far behind. While Helena continues to toil in a faraway military compound, it is ultimately Sarah?s fate that will hang in the balance as she tries to save her sister. Meanwhile, Gracie is cast out from the Prolethean fold, and Alison and Donnie come face-to-face with unhappy drug lord, Jason Kellerman.

Episode 8

Episode 8 : Inside Orphan Black: Newer Elements of Our Defense

Tatiana Maslany, Ari Millen and creator John Fawcett give their thoughts on a dramatic scene from Episode 4. Warning: contains spoilers.

Episode 9

Episode 9 : Scarred By Many Past Frustrations

Helena and her sestra are reunited at the Castor camp when Sarah is captured. As Sarah suffers testing, Paul appears to chide her; but his allegiances are beginning to strain. While the Leda family worries about Sarah?s absence, Gracie ?breaks Amish? under the care of Mrs. S and an unwilling Felix. Cosima falls hard for an internet date, Shay.

Episode 10

Episode 10 : Inside Orphan Black: Scarred By Many Past Frustrations

Co-creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson reveal details about the construction of a new set for Orphan Black and shed light on what inspired them. Warning: contains spoilers.

Episode 11

Episode 11 : Certain Agony of the Battlefield

Paul digs and finds the ugly truth behind the Castor Boys? logbooks of names, pushing him into action. Meanwhile, Felix is desperate for info on Sarah?s whereabouts, and presses the still-ailing Rachel for any shred of a lead. In order for Donnie and Alison to take their money-making endeavor to the ?next level? she must introduce Jason Kellerman to her unique business plan.

Episode 12

Episode 12 : Inside Orphan Black: Certain Agony of the Battlefield

What is it like to work on set with a live scorpion? The cast and crew divulge their feelings on Orphan Black?s littlest cast member. Warning: contains spoilers.

Episode 13

Episode 13 : Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate

Alison must secure a store front in order to take her and Donnie?s business to the ?next level?. But things don?t go according to plan when her mother, Connie, proves to be a major hindrance. Cosima is facing familiar health issues and calls upon Alison for a favor. An unassuming Scott gets closer to the greatest discovery of all, when he sits down with beleaguered clone Rachel.

Episode 14

Episode 14 : Inside Orphan Black: Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate

Tatiana Maslany and Maria Doyle Kennedy give insight into the turbulent dynamic between Helena and Mrs. S. Warning: contains spoilers.

Episode 15

Episode 15 : Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method

When Rachel makes a promise to Sarah, it comes with a hefty price. Meanwhile, Helena and Gracie work with the Hendrixes, and Donnie takes Kellerman to task. Over at Castor, Coady and Benchman scheme to track down the Castor Original, and Rudy descends on DYAD for a much needed asset.

Episode 16

Episode 16 : Inside Orphan Black: Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method

Co-creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson talk about Orphan Black?s latest clone and how a change of heart determined her fate. Warning: contains spoilers.

Episode 17

Episode 17 : Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow

Sarah, Felix and Mrs. S take a trip with the hopes of tracking down the Castor Original. But they are not alone. Back home, Donnie tries to save the family business when Pouchy defects, but it is Helena who manages to secure a ?full refund?. Meanwhile, Cosima becomes suspicious of Shay, and Delphine takes the matter into her own hands.

Episode 18

Episode 18 : Inside Orphan Black: Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow

Tatiana Maslany shares her feelings about revealing the other side of Mrs. S. Warning: contains spoilers.

Episode 19

Episode 19 : History Yet to Be Written

As Clone Club races towards the truth, Castor and Topside force Sarah to make uneasy alliances. But there is some rest for the wicked, when Donnie gives Helena an unexpected ?gift?, and the results of Alison?s candidacy finally come in. Even as team Leda takes a moment to breathe, change is afoot and a life hangs in the balance.

Episode 20

Episode 20 : Inside Orphan Black: History Yet to Be Written

The cast and crew tell how they pulled off another technically challenging scene featuring multiple clones. Warning: contains spoilers.

Episode 101

Episode 101 : Series Recap

Catch up as fast as you can with this recap of the first two seasons of Orphan Black.

Episode 102

Episode 102 : 3 Questions, 2 Biscuits & 1 Cup of Tea

Settle in, and make a cuppa: it's 3 Questions, 2 Biscuits and 1 Cup of Tea... with Tatiana Maslany. Hear from Tatiana herself about what it's like to play a clone, and find out which clone is most like Tatiana, and why that character was the scariest to play!

Episode 103

Episode 103 : Season 3 Trailer

Don't trust a doubled face. Catch a glimpse of the action as the clones of Orphan Black return for a third season.

Episode 104

Episode 104 : Project Castor: Inside the Wolf Pack

Your first look at the wolf pack, plus, Tatiana Maslany and Ari Millen explore the differences between Projects Leda and Castor.